About us

Medical field is facing a drastic change. The concept of general practitioner or family doctor is changing to specialists and super-specialists. Even the public is interested to consult a neurologist or a neurosurgeon for a simple headache. Parallel to this the competition for post graduate admission is increasing. New MBBS students are graduating out every year and the government / IMC though giving permission for new Undergraduate colleges is not keen on proportionately increasing the post graduate seats.

Thrissur is located in the middle of Kerala and is the cultural as well as the educational capital of Kerala. This city is a city of festival and universities. You can reach here easily by air (Nedumbassery International airport is only 45 kms), Rail ( Almost all the intraKerala and interstate trains pass through Thrissur Railway station. Most familiar scenes in the city is the serious looking entrance aspirants carrying their study bags from class to class. Thrissur is famous in the field of entrance coaching, be it be medical PG entrance or UG - MBBS/ Engg. Entrance.

Postal tuition is another option available for who are not able to attend the class in person

Chief adviser : Dr. Aswath Kumar