NEET Recall 2018

Our team has analysed the recent pgmee and has noticed the following changing trends.

  1. Increase in the no of image questions esp in AIIMS and NEET
  2. There is  a number of indirect repeats from the previous papers of all india.
  3. We have identified high yielding areas which are frequently repeated in all sessions of NEET,DNB,AIIMS ,PGI,JIPMER.These changes are persistent and progressively increase in weightage over last few years hence these are going to be the trend in the upcoming exams as well.Because of these changing trends MEDPG is introducing NEET PG RECALL EXAM SERIES commencing on January 15 2018.details are given below.

Click to download the Application Form for NEET RECALL 2017


Pattern : Daily online exam comprising of 20 questions
Duration : 15 mts
Marks :  4 mark for each correct answer. No negative marking as per latest NEET exam.


Topic to read : Daily 75 questions from the recommended book as per the schedule which will be provided in the site.

Course duration : January 15 2018 to October 31st 2018

Exam is held also you can avail the mobile application from playstore-MOODLE MOBILE and then registering with the username and password which would be provided to you.

Distribution of questions
Total questions :  20 of which:

  • 10 questions will be direct questions.
  • 7 questions will be modified questions –to answer you need to read the explanation of the 75 questions.
  • 2 questions will be image questions which are recently asked/most likely to be asked for the next exam.
  • 1 question will be HIGH YIELDING MUST KNOW TOPICS topics which are frequently asked for all pgexams including NEET/AIIMS/JIPMER/PGI/NIMHANS.Detailed explanation will  be provided to you.
  • Recently conducted NEET PG 2016MODEL QUESTIONS also will be included.
  • Review of exam,key with necessary explanation and rank will be published as per schedule.
  • At the end of the exam we provide you with tips/strategies/information needed to edge over your rivals.

Who can appear this test-
Open to all pg aspirants.

All medpg students can attend this test free of cost till the end of their course.
Non medpg students can also access the exam 500rs per month 5000rs yearly.


  • We recommend you to buy the prescribed book for reading.
  • Daily read the topics –approx 75 qns a day-as per schedule including explanation.
  • Write the exam and see the review and key when provided
  • After exam-Revise the topic and note the important points in a separate notebook for easy revision before main exams.


  • Cover 3 years of approximately 20000 questions by just allocating 3 hrs a day.
  • Most probable image questions which are previously asked or most likely to be asked are covered by taking the test.
  • Competitive environment and almost exact  simulation of neet helps you to acquaint with the actual test.
  • For repeaters(who prepared well for one year but could not succeed in getting a seat)-this is the ideal platform you to sharpen your skills and to succeed in the coming exams in may -july where there is less competition and great advantage for repeaters.
  • First timers-helps you to kick start your preparation months before class starts.Through the tests we will provide you with the topics to concentrate which are must knows in a pg entrance exams which are very different from UG exams.Before the classes starts you will be well versed with all the important topics and all recent questons of the whole 19 subjects .Pg tips will mould yourselves for the strategies you need to follow in this tough period and to maximize utilization of the resources available to you in medpg.
  • INTERNS-will be very useful when they can learn and appear exams according to their time when postings are heavy and when you cannot attend classes.All advantage of first timers will be there for taking for interns who attend the test regularly.

Daily exam-can be attended within 72 hours from airing.

EXAM DURATION-15 minutes