22-07-2014 : 10.00am Opthalmology
23-07-2014 : HOLIDAY
24-07-2014 : 8.30 AM to 5.30 PM - Medicine
25-07-2014 : HOLIDAY
26-07-2014 : 8.30 AM to 5.30 PM - Pathology
27-07-2014 : HOLIDAY
28-07-2014 : HOLIDAY
29-07-2014 : HOLIDAY

Online Exam

Online Exam on every Tuesday and Saturday

Online exam Started for Batch 2013 on 19 Jan 2013. (Tuesday and Saturday) - 120 Questions in 1 Hr 30 min - NEET Pattern. Please subscribe for a new username for the year 2013 for uninterrupted service during the entire year

About us

Medical field is facing a drastic change. The concept of general practioner or family doctor is changing to specialists and superspecialists. Even the public is interested to consult a nuerologist or a neurosurgeon for a simple headache. Parellel to this the competition for post graduate admission is increasing. New MBBS students are graduating out every year and the government/IMC though giving permission for new Undergraduate colleges is not keen on proportionately increasing the post graduate seats.